education's digital future

new media literacies and participatory cultures

The growth and pervasiveness of digital media raise new questions about the relationship between learners, teachers, and curriculum. With whom do learners engage in digitally mediated activity, and how, if at all, should these engagements be scripted by parents and other authorities? How should we be thinking about the effects of viewing together, and viewing alone? What types of co-viewing configurations and partnerships lead to the best learning outcomes?


This forum addressed questions at the heart of participatory culture and the new co-viewing. Participants included: Brigid Barron (Stanford Graduate School of Education), Nichole Pinkard (DePaul University), and Elisabeth Soep MA '95, PhD '00 (Oakland’s Youth Radio). Participants described the varied ways in which youth work with mentors to create video, animations, spoken word poetry, and other media to develop varied communicative competency. Discussion explored the promise of addressing digital divides and educational inequalities with such designs.