education's digital future

gaming to learn

Games have always been central to human learning. In the digital era the potential for learning through games draws ever more scholarly, practitioner, and business interest. Games will almost certainly be important parts of education’s digital future, raising intriguing questions about the role of pleasure in learning, the character of educational engagement, and the proper relationship between entertainment and academic edification.


This forum considered opportunities and challenges of gaming to learn in education’s digital future. Participants included Malcolm Bauer, Managing Senior Scientist, Educational Testing Service; Director of Assessment at GlassLab Games; James Gee, Professor of Literacy Studies at Arizona State University; Constance Steinkuehler, Co-Director, Games+Learning+Society; Associate Professor, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dan Schwartz, Professor of Education at Stanford. 


Steinkuehler, Constance et al. 2012. Games, Learning and Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. - Please check with your local bookstore to purchase this book.