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German University Offers MOOC with Credit

A public university in Germany is joining the MOOC movement with a course that will come with "university credit points" that it said could be accepted by degree programs. Leuphana University, based in Northern Germany, will be offering its first massive, open, online course for students around the world starting on January 9, 2013. The topic: creating the ideal city of the 21st century.

"ThinkTank Cities" participants will design models for future living in urban centers under the direction of architect Daniel Libeskind. His buildings include the Jewish Museum Berlin, an extension to the Denver Art Museum, and the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester, England. He's also involved in redesigning the central building on campus.

Guest lecturers will include faculty from Columbia University in New York, Arizona State University, the London School of Economics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and others as well as experts from private industry. Lecturers will present in their disciplines via video keynotes and other supporting materials. They'll also provide feedback and advice on the main project categories, architecture, economics, social science, cultural history, sustainability, infrastructure, and public health. Students will participate in five group projects and engage in virtual classroom discussions with peers and instructors....

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