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Online-learning portal allows educators to create adaptive content

Imagine more than 1,000 nurses learning how to use defibrillators at once, each delivering shocks to a single patient. If a patient dies, the instructor is immediately told which nurse failed, and the nurse then tries again, but with more assistance.

It’s not a process patients would want in the real world, but it’s one example of what can be done virtually with a new online-learning portal called Smart Sparrow, said Dror Ben-Naim, the start-up company’s founder.

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New MOOC provider says it fosters peer interaction

The field of massive-open-online-course providers is becoming crowded. That’s even more so at Stanford University, where Udacity and Coursera, two of the largest providers, got their start.

Now there’s a new platform to add to the list. NovoEd, which officially opened on Monday, will begin offering seven courses to the public next week, as well as 10 private courses for Stanford students.

Amin Saberi, a Stanford professor and the start-up company’s founder and chief executive, said there’s a key difference between NovoEd and existing MOOC options: peer interaction.

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Move over Coursera: New Stanford-bred online ed startup debuts interactive MOOCs

We told you it was coming two months ago, but the newest Stanford-bred online education startup – Novo Ed – officially launches Monday with the backing of Silicon Valley venture capital and a slew of courses open to the masses.

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NovoEd, another Stanford MOOC startup, opens small-group learning services to public

Launched at Stanford University, NovoEd wants to build on the massive open online course (MOOC) phenomenon with a startup that puts collaboration at the center of the online learning experience.

In an online class of 80,000 students, breaking up into small groups is no easy task — as we saw from a suspended Coursera class earlier this year (that tried to use a Google doc to create groups), it can lead to confusion and technical glitches.

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Ed-Tech Start-Ups Are Grilled by Venture Capitalists in Business Competition

Denver — Educause held its first business competition this week, bringing a dose of American Idol to its annual conference here.
Leaders of 10 education-technology start-ups had eight minutes each to pitch their business plans in front of an audience, get grilled by a panel of venture capitalists, and then face a popular vote online. The big prize: marketing help from Educause and Google.

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