education's digital future

education's digital future at Stanford

Education’s digital future has not yet been determined. We are building it now. That task raises very large questions. How do people learn best digitally? What does educational equity mean in a digital world? Who will profit in a greatly expanded  market for digital educational products, and who will make the rules for this marketplace? How will quality standards for digital learning be determined and enforced?
We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we are trying to ask the right questions. We know that many of the most important questions are not just technical. They implicate the politics, ethics, and very meaning of education at a new moment in the history of modernity.

During the two years of EDF's convening we were joined by many voices. People from throughout Stanford enriched our weekly class discussions.  Leaders in business, government, and the global academy joined our public forums. Many highlights of this activity are available here
Regular website updates and Twitter feeds continue into the present-- stay tuned!