education's digital future

Educ 403x - Fall 2012

During Autumn Quarter we suggested a very broad intellectual foundation for discussions of the digital future: drawing from the social sciences of education, the learning sciences, and the global entrepreneurial field of edtech. We had serious exchange on themes of living digitally, the changing relationship between school and work, rock-star teachers, and educational assessment with digital technologies.

The 403x White Papers: The students of EDUC 403x were asked to compile a collection of "white papers" summarizing the major themes of the course for the broader public. Feel free to read and share these with attribution.

Class schedule: 

"Hold the presses!" The lively talk by Adrian Sannier, your great questions and continuing dialogues outside class, the William Bowen Tanner Lectures and luminary panels (for those who could join), CMU's Candace Thille's talk on the Open Learning Initiative (if you can make it on Tues at lunch the day of class in CERAS100B) - all point to a much more sensible design for next week.